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Obstacles to Family Worship: 4. Priorities

Updated: Mar 25

We always have time for what we believe is most important. Unfortunately, the daily worship of God is not at the top many families lists. Sadly, other far more insignificant matters seem to occupy our days.

Families often claim to have no time for family worship; however, it is truly not an issue of time, but an issue of importance. What we view as most important does get done each day. Families must learn to reprioritize their day with family worship time as a top priority.

Truly, the argument could be made, that it is the most important task that could be accomplished each day. That said, it should not be #10 on the list of things that must get done, but #1.

Once family worship time has been established in the mindset of everyone as a “top priority” to accomplish each day, then it begins happening. Families begin to place it at the top of their “to do” list and it gets done.

What is more important than worshiping God? What is more important than teaching your children about God? Nothing!

Dr. Trey Talley, Lead Pastor and Elder

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