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At The Church at Pecan Creek, we encourage active discipleship of everyone, but most especially the children. Encouraging family worship is also a priority. One method we recommend for family worship and discipling our children is using a catechism. 


A catechism is a method of learning that uses a question-answer method. The catechism is memorized through daily repetition. While children may not understand all the concepts within the questions or answers, they will recall these later in life as they have their own questions about theology and doctrine. 


In the similar way that we learn the ABCs as children not truly understanding how they will fit into what we need to know in the future, a catechism is a great primer to prepare our children for the future study of the Bible.


Even if you do not have children at home, memorizing this catechism may also help you understand Biblical doctrine. If you have never memorized a catechism, this would be a great place to start.


The Church at Pecan Creek has developed a catechism for children adapted from the Catechism for Young Children. We have amended some of the questions from the original document in order to fit within our confession of faith.


Download a free pdf of The Church at Pecan Creek’s Catechism for Children below. Also, you can view a video of Pastor Trey Talley and his daughter, Tapanga, reviewing a few of the questions from this catechism to give you an idea in how you can incorporate this practice in your daily family worship time.


The Church at Pecan Creek's Catechism for Children
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