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Obstacles to Family Worship: 3. Single-Parent Homes

Updated: Mar 25

Ideally, organizing family worship and implementing it would be the role of the father. However, a home with a mom and a dad present is becoming less common. This sad truth adds more stress on a family.

A single-parent home makes it more difficult for the one parent to get everyone ready for school, himself or herself ready for work, breakfast made, lunches packed, and still have time allotted for family worship. Without having family duties split between two parents, it is even more difficult to make a practice of family worship.

Though family worship in a single-parent home is often more difficult to accomplish, this is still not a valid excuse to neglect the duty. Every effort should still be made to have family worship.

The same benefits are still to be gained from family worship in a single- or double-parent home. As with the obstacle of time management, it is vital for you to analyze your schedule and make family worship a priority for your family.

Dr. Trey Talley, Lead Pastor and Elder

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