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Obstacles to Family Worship: 1. Division of the Family Within Churches

Updated: Mar 25

In the not-so-distant past, the “family pew” was the norm. The whole family would attend the same worship service and sit together. Worshipping God and learning about God was done together as a family.

In more recent centuries, churches have increasingly divided the family on Sundays. It is common for a family of 4 to be divided up into 4 different places on Sunday Mornings. For example, the preschooler can’t be with the 1st grader, the 1st grader can’t be with the 6th grader, and the wife can’t go to her husband’s class, she needs a separate “women’s only” Bible study.

Once the family is trained to be divided on Sundays to worship God, it is difficult to unify the family for worship on weekdays. Each one has grown accustomed to having the Bible taught to their specific style.

Efforts should immediately be made to keep the family together for at least the main Worship Service on Sunday. Some churches are even trying to not divide at all on Sundays. Others are at least trying to unify Sunday school curriculum throughout the church. At least this way, if they are divided, they are still being taught the same Biblical subject matter.

Dr. Trey Talley, Lead Pastor and Elder

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