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Justin Peters
Clouds Without Water II: Exposing False Teachers, Teachings, and Worship
with Justin Peters

July 22, 2023
About this event:


A 1-day mini-conference featuring Justin Peter’s work to increase Christianity’s awareness of false teachers and false worship practices.


False Christianity is on the rise. Who can we trust? Who can we not trust? False Christianity has even invaded much of today’s worship music. Justin’s Clouds Without Water multi-media presentation and lecture exposes the Word of Faith movement, prosperity gospel teachers, and faith healers of our day.

A featured speaker at major Bible conferences and around the world, Justin Peters is well-researched, studied, and equipped for the task of exposing false teachers for who they truly are. Justin has preached and taught at churches, Bible conferences, and seminaries across the United States and in twenty-five countries. Justin was also featured in the highly acclaimed documentary, The American Gospel.

The Church at Pecan Creek is committed to bringing in Christian speakers who are specialist in their fields to help in the equipping of our church and the surrounding community. All donations received from the event will go to the guest speaker and support their ministry.

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