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Mike Gendron
Reaching Catholics for Christ 
with Mike Gendron

June 18, 2022
About this event:


How do you approach Catholics who believe they are already Christians? How do you share the Gospel with Catholics who are adding to what Jesus finished on Calvary’s cross? We must begin by telling them that sacrifice of the Lord Jesus was perfect, complete and sufficient for their salvation. To add to Christ’s finished work of redemption is to nullify grace – the only means by which God saves sinners (Romans 11:6). Most Catholics do not know God’s punishment for sin or His only provision for it. If we are to reach Catholics for Christ we must tell them God’s righteous justice requires the death penalty for any and all sin. Only then will they see how futile their works are, and only then will they turn to the Savior, who died as a substitute, to pay the death penalty sinners deserve.


Bio: Mike Gendron was a devout Roman Catholic and a strong defender of what he thought was the “one true church.” However, in 1981 while attending an evangelical seminar, he discovered the Bible to be the supreme authority for knowing truth and exposing error. Mike had a crisis of faith when he realized the Catholic plan of salvation was diametrically opposed to the Gospel of grace in the Bible. He knew he could not trust Christ and His Word without repenting of Catholic teachings and traditions. As Mike abided in God’s word, he came to a knowledge of the truth, which set him free from the bondage of religious deception. He exchanged his religion for a relationship with His all-sufficient Savior. Knowing that God seeks worshippers in spirit and truth, Mike left the Catholic Church in 1985 for a church where the true Gospel is proclaimed, and Scripture is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.


After obtaining a degree in Applied Mathematics, Mike worked In the space program at Cape Kennedy, FL for three years. Later he obtained an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas and enjoyed a 17-year career in business. In 1988, he left his career to study at Dallas Theological Seminary. During his last semester at DTS, Mike’s love and compassion for Catholics inspired him to begin a ministry that would proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as the all sufficient Savior. Mike and his wife are burdened for those who may be where they were for most of their life – eternally condemned and not even aware of it. For 32 years, Mike has been directing the ministry of Proclaiming the Gospel and preaching throughout the world.

The Church at Pecan Creek is committed to bringing in Christian speakers who are specialist in their fields to help in the equipping of our church and the surrounding community. All donations received from the event will go to the guest speaker.

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