What to expect when you come to church this Sunday


Service begins at 10:00AM and ends at 11:15AM. Then we have a 10-minute break for Fellowship (coffee/refreshments). We encourage you to stay for Discipleship after Worship. At this time the children go to Children’s Discipleship in the classroom. Adults and teens regroup in the auditorium for Discipleship Time (a time of teaching and small group discussion). Tables are put out during the Fellowship Time that will seat about 12 people each. After you get a snack, just pick a table and have a seat. Feel free to sit at any table you’d like. There is also a table just for teenagers. There will be a 15-minute teaching followed by 15 minutes of discussion at your table.


Don’t stress, just dress. Put something besides pajamas on, and just get here.


Odds are we are a lot like you, however, it does take a conversation to get to know people. We will do our best to greet you and get to know you, but please feel free to initiate as well. It is best to get here a little early if you’d like to shake hands and meet a few people.

Worship ServicePhoto Aug 23, 11 09 24 AM

Our goal is to keep the entire time focused on God. We do this through song, prayer, reading and preaching God’s Word. Worship is contemporary and each song is chosen to make sure that the lyrics are truthful and sound. We have a wonderful Worship Leader, singers, and band. Feel free to sing along. The preaching time is focused heavily on the Bible, so please bring yours with you.

Family Worship Service

This means that we desire you and your entire family to worship God together. There are many benefits for the whole family to worship God and learn about Him in the same place, at the same time, with multiple generations. This allows the parents to take an active role even during the week as they recap with their family aspects of the previous Sunday’s lessons. The worship service is for the whole family, but a nursery and preschool is provided for the little ones.

Photo Aug 23, 11 34 19 AMFellowship Time

Following the Worship Service, there will be a 10-minute break for refreshments. After this time, kids Kindergarten through 5th grade will go to the gym for Children’s Discipleship, and the adults will return to the cafeteria for their Discipleship. While some people may need to use this opportunity to leave, please stay if at all possible for the following time of Discipleship.

Adult Discipleship

A qualified leader will teach for 15 minutes on a complementary point from the sermon while people are seated in groups of 10-12 at tables of their choosing.

Table Time

Adults and teens discuss and answer prepared questions in these table groups for the next 15 minutes. These questions pertain to the day’s sermon and discipleship lesson. This time is for discipleship and fellowship. You can choose to add to the discussion or just listen. Each table has a Table Facilitator that is the primary leader for the discussion.

IMG_3504Children’s Discipleship

It is a fun time for activities, fellowship, and most importantly a very well thought out plan to teach God’s Word. It is far more than daycare or just entertainment. This time has been strategically designed to grow kids into mature believers who know the Word, how to live it, and how to share it. Children’s Discipleship time is happening while the adults are in their time of discipleship.