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Edward Dalcour
Jesus is God
with Dr. Edward Dalcour

October 19, 2019
About this event:


The divinity of Jesus Christ is under attack, and we, as Christians, need to be ready to give a defense. This one-day intensive is designed to prepare Christians to defend this fundamental doctrine of Christianity. 


Our Speaker, Edward Dalcour, Ph.D., is the president and director of the Department of Christian Defense (, host of the weekly podcast Theology Answers, and author of several works on the topic of apologetics and theology, including his landmark work: A Definitive Look at Oneness Theology: In the light of Biblical Trinitarianism.


Dr. Dalcour is an international speaker, professor, apologist, debater, and overall defender of Christianity. He has been a featured speaker with Dr. James White and many other great apologists of our day.

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