Sports Fun Camp FAQs:

5:00 – 5:30
Check- in, Find Teams, Warm-up
5:30 Sport 1
6:00 Sport 2
6:30 Snack Time
7:00 Sport 3
7:30 Lesson

8:00 Dismiss

How much is the Sports Fun Camp?
Nothing! It is completely free.
What does my child need to bring?
Nothing much. Wear sunscreen, athletic clothing, and athletic shoes.
What about dinner?
A snack will be provided, but please feed them something before they arrive.
How do I register?
Pre-registration is required as space is limited! Registration opens in April. Register by May 31, 2019 to get a free t-shirt!
How do I check in?
Check-in and checkout is at the back of the school. You will be given an ID card to show to staff to pick up your child.
Where does the Sports Fun Camp take place?
At Pecan Creek Elementary School and in the play area behind it. Some events are indoor, and others are outdoor.
What if it’s hot?
We will rotate students from indoor to outdoor sports throughout the evening. Water stations are plentiful.
What if my student gets too hot or tired?
This is a camp that is designed to be fun. If a student needs to rest, sit, or remain indoors that will be fine. No one will be required to participate in the activities.
Who will be running the camp?
Volunteers that are known by The Church At Pecan Creek staff. Volunteers must have a satisfactory background check report.
Will the Bible also be taught?
Yes, each night we will have a lesson from the Bible.