The Lamb – Easter 2018

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Sermon Notes

The Lamb – Easter

Culturally, Easter is a time known for Easter Bunnies, eggs and baby chickens. However, those things have nothing to do with the real reason we celebrate Easter. The real reason to celebrate Easter is in remembrance of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

There is one animal that is correctly associated with the reason that we celebrate Easter. It is not a bunny or a chicken, but a lamb. How important is the Lamb? All creation will eventually acknowledge Him for who He truly is. He is the only substitute that could bring forgiveness of sins. If you reject the Lamb then you also reject heaven, since He holds the book of whose names He has paid the price. The Lamb is the only way to have sins forgiven, and the Lamb is the final judge of all mankind.

Bask in His mercy, goodness, love, and grace. Praise God for the Lamb of God who took away your sins and gave you His righteousness.

Are you still under the wrath of God for sin? How can you know? What have you done with the Lamb? Have you believed in Jesus, the Lamb of God, for the forgiveness of your sins?

Understand that if the Lamb of God has not taken your sins, then you remain in a position of deserving only wrath from God. The good news is, that you can be saved from the wrath that you deserve by the mercy and grace, that is found in the Lamb of God, who died in the place of all those who believe in Him.

This day we celebrate Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, the One who was typified, prophesied, crucified, and glorified.

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