The Christian Marriage – part 2

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The Christian Marriage – part 2
No institution on earth is more sacred and fundamental than that of family. A healthy relationship between a husband and wife is the cement that holds it together and influences the next generation to do the same. Now, let me warn you today’s message is going to be challenging. Odds are you who are married will be challenged and have your toes stepped on a bit. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I am a pastor, but truly I am just the messenger and the message has already been written. It is my duty to share with you, God’s people, God’s Word.
Husbands should be just as loving to their wives when they are not respectful as they are when they are being respectful. Why? Because our love should be as steady as Christ’s love for us. Wives should be submissive and respectful even if their husbands are not being loving. Why? Because your love is based on doing so as to Christ.
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