The Christian Marriage – part 1

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The Christian Marriage – part 1
The divorce rate is over 50% with hardly any difference amongst Christian couples. How can this be? A Christian marriage is supposed to be different. Why? Because we realize that marriage is not just a promise to another human, but it is a covenant that we have made to God. However, if we as Christians surround ourselves with the world, and worldly people, we ourselves begin to look and act like the world. If you want a Godly Faithful marriage, than don’t look to the world for what to do, and don’t get advice from your worldly friends. Seek Godly wisdom, seek godly counsel.
That is the Christian marriage, we are committed to God and to our spouses, and we will be faithful to the end. Couples who understand that, can rest in a deep trust in their marriage. They know that no matter what happens in life sickness, health, good times and the bad, they will still be together.
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