Jesus is God

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Sermon Notes

Jesus is God

December 23, 2018

As modern Christianity appears to go further away from sound doctrine, we must rise up and state the truth about the person of Jesus Christ.
This doctrine is offensive. People will let you talk about Jesus all day long, as long as you keep Him on par with every other religious leader, but once you say, “Jesus is God,” get ready for what you have just said is going to stir them, either to belief, or hatred.
Jesus claimed to be God that the Pharisees tried to kill Him multiple times. It was that exact claim that was the final straw for Ananias the High Priest to push for His death. The same facts about Christ that Believers hold dear are the very same facts that non-believers hate. But if we don’t present the facts about Jesus, then there is no way for the non-believer ever to become a believer.

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