Explore God – Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?-Part 1

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Explore God
Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?-Part 1

When pain and suffering strike, many believers find themselves completely caught off guard, panic stricken, confused, full of questions, and even begin to have doubts about who they had previously thought about God. Some people’s faith is even proven to not be genuine faith in times of pain and suffering as they prove as much by rejecting God when trouble comes their way.

Sadly, some have fallen victim to the false belief that because they are a Christian, they are not to experience any pain or suffering, so when they do they then believe that they were sold something that was proven not to be true.

Others believe the false doctrine of “Name it, Claim it,” “Gab it Grab it,” or “Speak it Receive it.” or Divine health and wealth, otherwise known as the “Prosperity Gospel.”   So when things don’t go right, they are told it is because of their lack of faith.   Is this the reason bad things happen, because a lack of faith? Now, I am assuming that most of us have not come from that background, but that way of thinking has sadly crept into the minds of a lot of believers.This can cause a radical since of uncalled for guilt when something goes wrong which leaves people stunted in their Spiritual growth. It can also cause people to feel completely side swiped, shocked to the core that something can go wrong in their life as a Christian.

What should our view on pain and suffering in this life be?

Hopefully this message will provide some answers to questions that you may have, and better equip you for when pain and suffering do come into your life.

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