Explore God – Is There a God?

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Explore God: Is There a God?
If there is no God then why is there something rather than nothing? The fact that anything in creation exists points back to an eternal creator that is supremely powerful and intelligent. An atheist might say that that if you can have an eternal God then they can have and eternal universe. In fact, there are only two possible beliefs on ultimate origins: Either the universe is eternal or something outside the universe is eternal. Either the universe has always existed and is therefore uncaused, or it had a beginning and was caused by something else. However, not only philosophically but also scientifically the evidence is clear that the universe had a beginning.
Yes, there is a God, and He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, holy, righteous, just, and never changing. I know there is a God, you know there is a God, and everyone knows that there is a God. There is no denying it. Just look around and let the creation speak. What does this mean to us? God has given us not only his creation, but words from him to us. The Bible reveals not only is there a God, but it is to this God that every human must give account of their lives.
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