Acts 28:1-10

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Sermon Notes

Acts 28:1-10

The people of Malta had been eyewitnesses to the horrible storm that had plagued Paul and the other passengers. They knew that the storm was a bad one and that it was amazing that anyone on the ship had survived. But now, after all of that, a deadly snake bites Paul. What are the odds of that? They assume that this was a sign that he was a murderer. Even though he had escaped death on the see, justice had still found him.

This was a special time where God used supernatural signs and healings to verify that He approved of Paul and his Gospel proclamation. Luke does not go into detail, but can you imagine the stories that the other 275 passengers on the boat told as they loaded back up and went to Rome. “You would not believe what we witnessed on our trip! This prisoner named Paul…”

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