Acts 27:1-44

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Sermon Notes

Acts 27:1-44

Paul had been tried by the Sanhedrin, Felix, Festus, and Agrippa. Now, he is sent to the highest authority in the land, the Emperor (Caesar) of Rome. Rome is a long way from Caesarea. And it will prove to be a much longer journey than it was supposed to be. 

In Acts 27, Luke records detail after detail of this trip. It reads like a chapter out of Moby Dick with a lot of details about boating, ports, and weather. One thing that will stick out is the amazing attention to detail that Luke puts into his record. At least 12 geographical locations are mentioned plus details about the wind and the storm. Even to this day, this chapter is one of the places that skeptics are amazed due to the perfectly precise details. As we look at Luke’s sea diary, you will gain even more assurance that the Bible is accurate and truthful down to the details. 

We will also see Paul’s faith not falter, even in the midst of what appeared to be certain death. As Paul was told to have no fear because he was given assurance of his safe arrival, we too should strive to rest in our salvation. That is, we rest in the One who has saved us and His power to keep us safe until we arrive Home.
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