Acts 21:1-20

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Sermon Notes

Acts 21:1-20

The first part of Acts 21 reads like a journal entry. Is this travel log really needed? What is the application to our lives with such travel details? Are we to take from this that we are to be documenting our daily travels better? No, Luke is a theologian and a detailed historian. These details, while possibly boring to us help to add to the truth of the story. These are all real places, cities, and seaports that are on a very specific route to Jerusalem.

There is much to learn from the interaction of the believers that Paul encountered. The Elders in Ephesus, and the disciples of Tyre with Paul and his team.

  1. The depth of their relationship with each other is to be admired and imitated.
  2. They prayed for each other.
  3. They had a true concern for each other.
  4. Their unity was in Christ.
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