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Trey Talley

Dr. Trey Talley
Lead Pastor and Elder

Trey was saved at the age of nine and called into ministry at a young age. Trey, his wife Felisha, and their children have lived in the Denton area for over 15 years. He received his Doctor of Ministry from Dr. R.C. Sproul’s Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies.

Trey is also the author of The Missing Gospel of Modern Christianity: Know, believe, and share the true message of salvation and Sticks, Stones, Sabbaths, and Sundays: Seeing the Sabbath in light of the New Covenant.


Anthony and Jeff can be reached at

Anthony Bearden
Anthony Bearden


Anthony’s testimony: I didn’t grow up in the church. At age 19, I was a false convert and said “the prayer”, but there were no signs of conversion as I went back to living a lifestyle full of sin. I was a false convert. God truly saved me later in my twenties when I heard the actual Gospel preached by Ray Comfort on TV. When I heard Ray take someone through the good person test that day, I knew I was in trouble and needed a savior. I have been married for over 20 years to my bride, Melodie, and have three kids.

Jeff Patton
Jeff Patton


Jeff’s testimony: Throughout my teens and young adulthood,

I lived as a rebel. Later, I began to go to church, made a profession of faith, and even got baptized. For nearly 20 years I called myself a Christian. Yet during that time, I was living for myself and the world, not Christ.

Then in 2002, the Lord used faithful gospel preachers to help me understand true/false conversions. God showed me the depth of my sin and my need for a Savior. He humbled me and brought me to a place of true repentance and faith in Jesus.

Carrie and I have lived in the North Dallas area for 18+ years. We have three children and four grandchildren.

pecan creek line

Personal Testimony and letter from Trey Talley:


I was saved at the age of 9 at Beech Street Baptist Church of Gurdon, Arkansas. Previously, I had believed that I was right with God because I went to church, was a pretty good kid, prayed, and my parents were Christians. What more could God want? However, one day while sitting in church, I had an overwhelming sense of my sinfulness and God’s holiness and realized that I was a sinner in need of being saved and that Jesus Christ was the Savior. That day, God used the gospel that was communicated through the pastor, and through my mom following the service, to bring about my salvation.


I grew spiritually at a “regular” pace for years. Our family was committed to attending church every time the doors were open. However, in my 6th grade year, I was challenged to spend time with God every day of the week in Bible reading and prayer. I committed to trying it out. I originally made a 30-day commitment to do this, but the 30 days turned into 60, 90, and has not stopped. It started a habit that continues to this day. My salvation and the daily dependence on Him through the Word and prayer have had a tremendous effect on my life. My goal is to live for Him daily and to give him my life to be used in the best way possible for his kingdom.


At the age of 19, I received a very personal call into ministry. I was working in a blueberry field at the University of Arkansas after classes one day when this overwhelming pressure came over me to be a minister. I called the Baptist Association the next day, asked for any possible openings, and was hired the next week at a nearby church to serve as their Youth Director.


A few years later, I moved to Dallas, Texas to join an evangelistic organization that combined physical strength exhibitions with the Gospel. Here, I was able to use my former bodybuilding experience as a platform to reach people with the saving message of Jesus Christ. I spent nearly 16 years traveling to 48 states and 10 different countries preaching the Gospel. My ministry time with Team Impact was instrumental in shaping who I am today as a minister. Through the years, I was blessed to work with an amazing team of ministers and with over 500 different churches.


Along the way, God blessed me with the wife of my dreams, Felisha. We traveled the world together for many years. However, in 2013, with an additional increase of children at my house, it was time for me to come off the road. God provided an Assistant Pastor position only 6 miles from my house at Northview Baptist Church in Lewisville, where I enjoyed working with an amazing group of people.


My wife and I had known for some time that we were being called to begin a new work more towards where we lived. We did not know exactly when that was going to happen, but the desire and direction from God to do so had become increasingly clear. Upon much study, prayer, and counsel from others, we decided to launch The Church at Pecan Creek in 2015.


Starting a church is not easy, but it is worth it. Every day, I thank God for the opportunity to serve this body of believers that God has sent to form The Church at Pecan Creek. Our church is off to a great start, and we pray that God will continue to grow it.


Hope to see you soon!

Trey Talley

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