April 28, 2020
Church family,
I know there are many opinions on when we will be gathering again on Sunday mornings. There have been a few that have desired to continue to attend even during the crisis. And recently more and more people are interested in returning to gathering at our building on Sunday mornings. 
The Texas Attorney General, and Governor Abbott in the latest COVID-19 update regarding Houses of Worship, has stated that each church has the liberty to determine when they would like to gather and cannot be restricted by civil authorities. 
This places churches in an interesting situation because churches are made up of people who have many different views and opinions regarding COVID-19 precautions. 
At this time, we believe it best to leave liberty to each member to decide when it is best to attend in person at our building. 
If you believe that you and your family should continue to watch online and to do Discipleship via ZOOM, then please continue to do so until you feel free to gather in person. Anthony and Brian have worked hard to make the online services much better. We will continue to offer Sunday Services, Discipleship, and mid-week Bible Studies online just as we have been doing. 
If, however, you believe that you and your family should gather at the church building, then you are welcome to do so this Sunday.
We must exhibit much grace with one another as we may have differing opinions through all of this. Even as people read this email, there will be some who are thrilled and others who are troubled. In all likelihood, there will be some who return right away, but others could take weeks or even months before they believe that it is safe to do so. We must be careful not to create walls of separation between us that could last even longer than the virus itself.  
Practical Considerations for those desiring to attend:
  • No Nursery or Children’s Discipleship until further notice.
  • Half of the chairs have been removed from the auditorium to increase distance.
  • The seating for Discipleship Time will be more spread out than usual.
  • Please sanitize your hands as you enter and as you leave.
  • Sanitizers have been placed all around for your use.
  • Please be mindful of your children’s hands as well.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Assume that people desire to maintain social distance unless otherwise noted. Example: Even though you may want to, don’t hug someone unless you, really, really know that they approve.
  • The same goes for handshaking. Most have abandoned this greeting, for the time being, so don’t be offended if you get an odd look after offering up a good ole handshake to someone.
  • If you, or anyone in your family is sick, have a cough, fever, rash, etc. do not come to the building.
  • If you have been around anyone who is sick, do not come to the building.
  • If someone does arrive exhibiting signs of illness, they will be asked to join our services online.
  • If it hurts your conscience to come to the building, then please wait until you feel free to do so.
  • If you desire to wear a mask or gloves then please do so. If you don’t desire to wear a mask, then please don’t. Either way, don’t give anyone a hard time.
The church leadership does not desire to put any pressure on you in one way or the other regarding whether or not to attend in person or through the internet, but we certainly do encourage you to do one or the other.  
We know all of you desire to get back to gathering together in person, and we hope that this will happen soon. In the meantime, please do what you believe to be right and safe for you and your family.
In Christ, 
Trey Talley