COVID-19 Response UPDATE

March 20, 2020

Hello church family. We are praying for you and wish to be in contact with you as much as we still can be during this time. We are striving to do our best to create ways to continue to provide doctrinal equipping, teaching, love, encouragement, and fellowship within our church body. Seeing that we do not know how long the isolation measures will remain in place, we have created this plan for our church. We believe that it is a step in the right direction, however it may need to be added to or altered in the future.

Sunday Worship

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Worship will be on Facebook Live. Resources such as lyrics, and sermon notes will be available on the Sunday Worship page.
  1. Brian will begin worship at 10:00 A.M. on Facebook Live. Lyrics to the songs can be found on the Sunday Worship page.
  2. Trey will then preach via Facebook Live. At the end of Trey’s sermon, he will pray, make any announcements, and then walk everyone through how they can immediately participate in Discipleship Time.
  3. Discipleship Time will be done live by three Table Leaders through Zoom. Zoom is a free app that can be put on your phone or computer. In order to get to a virtual Discipleship Table from the Sunday Worship page click on the Discipleship Leaders name of whose table you would like to be at. We do apologize that all Table Leaders are not available at this time, due to the cost of this program. However, if we have a large number of people participating in Discipleship this week, we will add more groups next week.

Bible Study Groups

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Please choose at least one Mid-week Bible Study to be involved in. A list of sessions that you can participate in is available on the Bible Study page. Remember these studies are live. They each begin on a specific day at a specific time. Please arrive into the study on time, engage or just relax and listen. The current list of Bible Studies is:
  • Men’s Bible Study- 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
  • Women’s Bible Study- 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
  • Youth Bible Study- every Wednesday at 6:30 PM
  • Anthony Bearden’s study of the Gospel of John- Mondays at 7:30 PM
  • Jeff Patton’s study of the Puritans- Thursdays at 7:30 PM

Family Worship

Family Worship 101

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We highly suggest that you spend time each day with whomever is in your home, in a time of daily worship. This is a healthy habit that we (the Talley’s) started about 5 years ago and continue still to this day. If you would like ideas on how to do this feel free to read this blog, Family Worship 101. Don’t make it too difficult to accomplish. Be intentional and consistent. Pick a time that works for your household and stick with it. This can be done as simply as reading a portion of the Bible and praying together.

Lord’s Supper

Since we do not know when we will be able to enjoy the Lord’s Supper again together as an entire church body we suggest that you partake of it in your own home. The Lord’s Supper does not require a minister to administer it. In fact, it looks like the Lord’s Supper was commonly done in people’s homes as we find being done early in the book of Acts. As with Family Worship, don’t make this difficult or overbearing. Simply, have some type of bread, some type of grape juice, perhaps read from Matthew 26:17-25, Luke 22:14-23,1 Corinthians 11:23-26, or Revelation 19:6-10, pray, eat and drink. The Lord’s Supper was done regularly in homes during some of the most difficult times in Christian history. It is a reminder of what Christ has accomplished and a reminder of our future with Him in heaven as well. You are at liberty to do this whenever you would like. John MacArthur believes that there is information that has lead him to believe that is was most likely practiced daily in the homes of early Christians.

Gathering in person

Governor Greg Abbot says that churches still have freedom of religion, and have liberty to meet as they see fit. This being said, all Denton Baptist Association churches are online only at this time. But remember that the church is not a building it is a body made up of individual people. This means that individuals will have to decide for themselves what is right for mind, body, and soul during this time. If you choose to 100% isolate, please do not have hatred towards any believer who chooses to not quite reach the same degree of isolation. If you still desire to meet in person for Bible Studies or Sunday services, please contact Anthony, Jeff, or Trey to see if that is an option.

Stay connected

Our goal is for everyone to hear from an elder or table leader each week. Do not be surprised if you receive a phone call. You are not in trouble. We all need to be more intentional about reaching out to one another, especially during this time. If for whatever reason you don’t get a call, call one of them.

Physical needs

If certain needs arise, please let us know. We need to do everything that we can to make sure that the needs of our church members are being met. But we don’t know what you need, if you don’t let us know. This could be the need for someone else to shop for you, pick something up, food items, or toilet paper.

Other needs

Isolation can lead to all types of mental, emotional, and spiritual anxiety. We must remind ourselves that we do not live in the 1800’s. Please be intentional about having fellowship with other Christians. No matter what the prohibition on gathering is, you can still call, Skype, Facetime, email, text, and Zoom to be instantly engaged with another believer. Do not wait and hope that someone contacts you. Take initiative!

Church Directory

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Now, more than ever, we need an updated Church Directory for all of us to have. If you are a church member or regular attendee, please go to our Church Directory page and follow the instructions to add or update your information. We ask that you do this immediately so that we can get the updated directory emailed out as soon as we can.

Study the Word

Don’t stop regular Christian disciplines during these unusual times. Keep praying, stay in God’s Word, worship God, love others, put away sinfulness, and walk in righteousness. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands and want to listen to good podcasts, please check out our recommended resources for a podcast.


This is a great time to read. If you need a good Christian book to read, please let us know. There are some great options that can be accessed from your phone. Or if you need a book dropped off to you from the church resource table, that might be an option as well.


There is no doubt that some people will take a financial hit during these times, therefore giving to the church will be lessened. However, others may not suffer any financial ramifications during these times. Giving is always a personal matter, and as stated in our Membership Covenant, is to be consistent and sacrificial. We will be trying to immediately reduce our church expenditures to help offset any decrease in giving. Remember, you can give through PayPal (, give through our website, or through your banks online bill pay to: The Church At Pecan Creek, 1811 Shady Oaks Dr. Ste. 105, Denton TX 76205

March 12, 2020

I’m sure you’re aware of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation unfolding around the world. We want to let you know how we are thinking through this situation as well.

We have been informed that there is one confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus in Collin County, which is east of Denton County. As of today, there are still no confirmed cases in Denton County.

There is still so much that we simply do not know about this virus, but we do understand that precaution and not panic is the right response at this time. As many have warned, the fear of the virus has the potential to cause far more damage than the actual virus itself.

We certainly don’t want you to be worried about this, just wise and sensible. And we want you to know that we are thinking ahead and taking some easy, common-sense steps as the situation dictates.

Take Precautions:

1. Please make an effort to wash your hands regularly. Those of you with children might want to oversee their handwashing and increase the frequency of handwashing, as children are known for touching everything. Medical experts advise that handwashing is the best way to protect yourself and others from disease-causing microbes.
2. Sanitation: We have hand sanitizing pumps located variously throughout the church. Feel free to carry your own with you as well.
3. Handshaking: The handshake has been a common greeting for a very long time, but some may not want to continue this practice for a few weeks because of the possible risks of passing along unseen microbes. Please be gracious to one another as each person adjusts his or her expression of fellowship and love according to his or her conscience.
4. Children: Parents, please monitor your child’s health and temperature. If your child is sick, then please do not expose him or her to others. As always, if you have a sick child, no matter the sickness, please do not place them into the Nursery or Children’s Discipleship.
5. Please be aware of your own potential risks and health condition. If you are immunocompromised, if you are generally at a higher risk, or if you are sick, then please be prudent and take precautions.
6. If you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, then please do not expose yourself to others by attending the church’s public gatherings or activities. Please consider getting tested for COVID-19 by a healthcare provider, and please notify us immediately if you become aware that you have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Going Forward

At this time, we see no need to cancel any of our current activities or gatherings. As a matter of fact, there are still many good reasons to continue meeting together, just as normal. We still trust in the Lord, and we still need one another.

As new information becomes available, and as the situation unfolds, we realize the possibility that we may need to make further adjustments. We have some things in place already that are being recommended by a church strategist such as Facebook Live on Sunday Mornings, Facebook Prayer Group for The Church At Pecan Creek Members, and online giving.

We know that one day Christ will renew all things, doing away with all suffering and disease, but until that day, may our Master find us busily serving Him in our broken world. Pray for the stop of the virus, the lessening of its spread, and for the awareness of the fragility of life to open doors for Christians to share the saving message of Jesus Christ with those around us. It is times like this that we and the world around us needs to be reminded that life is short, eternity is long, and Christ is the only cure for our sin-sick souls.

Trey Talley