Church Campout


2459 W. Blackjack Rd., Aubrey, TX 76227
This is a beautiful 40-acre private campsite out in the country with lots of amenities. The ranch includes a 5 acre pond with enormous bass (no fishing license required), pedal boats, canoes, life vests, sand volleyball court, baseball diamond, basketball court, playgrounds, large fire pit, 2 nature trails, 2 additional ponds, outdoor pavilion, meeting rooms, brand new restrooms and showers, 5 small RV spaces, 30 tent spaces, and a lodge.


Friday, October 16: Set up your camp!
Saturday, October 17, 6:30 PM: Church-wide Dinner and Worship by the Fire at the campsite Pavilion. Whether you are planning on camping or not, please come eat and hang out by the fire with everyone, for some great fellowship and singing. Bring an outdoor chair, if you have one. This will be a simple meal of hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips provided by the church. Feel free to bring a side, dessert, chips, or s’mores.

Sunday October 18, 10:30 AM: Worship Service will be at the campsite. We will not have Sunday Morning Service at our usual location on October 18th. No one will be at our building on Sunday, October 18th! We have moved our Worship Service to Rancho De La Roca Pavilion for this Sunday only! If the weather is bad, there is a large chapel on site that we will use. Service time will be 10:30 AM to accommodate anyone that shows up to our church building. Bring a jacket. The forecast is sunny, but who knows. There will be coffee. Whether you are camping or not, please attend service and bring a chair if you have one. Park in the “Rancho Parking” area.



Park in the “Rancho Parking Pasture” only! If you are unloading to camp, you are allowed to drive into the camp, but must keep your vehicle on the gravel road. Due to safety, they allow absolutely no vehicles to remain near the campsites, the lodge, or in RV spots. The owner charges $100 if this rule is not heeded. This applies to our Sunday Worship Service as well.


If you are camping, please email Trey and state what you are reserving.

Cost per night:

$90 for the king bedroom w/ private bathroom, $80 for the large full bedroom, $50 per room in the lodge, $30 per RV, $25 per tent.
Payment: Use your regular method of giving to the church to help pay for this outing: place payment in the Offering Box at church (please mark on the envelope who and what it’s for), pay through our website, PayPal, or through your bank. The church will write one check to the camp when we leave. Your generosity is appreciated. This event costs us more than we get back in lodging fees.
Indoor Lodge Info: Since we are renting rooms in the lodge, we have access to a kitchen, a large conference room, and a large dining area. These areas can be used by any of our church folks for games, movies, meetings, light cooking, dining, etc. All indoor spaces and rooms are non-smoking. For those renting a room in the lodge, linens are provided. Restrooms and showers are located in the hallways. You will still need to bring all toiletries. Reserve your room asap! 11 bedrooms – one king bedroom, 1 full bedroom, and 9 rooms with 2 twins in each that can be converted into a king).

Outdoor Camping Info: All sites have electrical outlets, but be mindful of your usage, the breaker does tend to blow often if overused. You can put up a tent anywhere between the gravel road and the pond. Night time temperatures can get quite cool. Bring plenty of supplies to stay warm, even portable heaters are recommended.

Restrooms and Showers: The camp has very nice restroom and shower facilities located in the center of the grounds. Please bring your own toiletries and towels.

Dining: Bring Your Own Food. Everyone is responsible for their own food and drinks. A large coal grill is provided near the pavilion, but you must bring your own charcoal. A gas grill near is located near the Lodge. There is also a regular sized and furnished kitchen in the lodge for all of us to use as needed. There is no ice machine on property. FYI, don’t forget to bring water, sodas, Gatorades, or whatever your family likes to drink. Refrigeration: Two regular sized refrigerators with freezers are located in the lodge for us to use (these fill up pretty quickly, do not rely solely on keeping all your food and drink here). Otherwise, bring coolers and ice.

Guests: As always feel free to invite your friends.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times. Please make sure to clean up after your pet. Only potty trained, small dogs are allowed indoors.
Departure: We are in no big hurry to leave the campsite on Sunday. Feel free to stick around for a while. However, we do have to be off the property at 3 PM.

Attention Campers: Please make sure that all of the tree lights, court lights, and street lights are turned off at night.

Parents: Please keep a continuous watch over your own children and teens at all times, do not assume others will naturally keep an eye on them. Do not leave your kids on premises alone if you leave.